Leadership Team

We think of everyone serving at our church as part of the team. Some of the team works in the background serving in lots of different ways. Some have a higher profile and very specific jobs such as our elders and ministers. Our desire is that everyone who attends our churches will have the opportunity to serve in a ministry as part of the team.

The higher profile team members:


Our minister is Russell Vandervelden, married to Liana. Russ has been in full time ministry for over 22 years. Prior to full time ministry, Russell worked in the electrical industry as well as survey and design work. Russ loves following the V8 supercars series, is a Lowndes supporter, loves camping, bush walking, movies and spending time with his family.


Our elders serve in lots of different ways but are also the ‘think’ tank sitting behind our ministries. They work hard at making sure we stay on track with following Jesus, our mission and our core values. Our current elders represent a wide range in ages, experience and backgrounds which adds a rich and invaluable element to the life of our churches. Our current elders are Paul Vernon, Matt Patton, Michael Minter and Murray Fraser.

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