Our Core Values

Using principles from ‘Connect / Grow / Serve’, the following are the ‘core values’ of our ministries.

Connect: Connecting with God and each other through the cross of Christ

  • we value most of all that Christ died for our sin. The righteous for the un- righteous, to therefore bring us to God
  • we value fellowship that will honour God and his gospel
  • we value God’s grace as the basis of our salvation. We seek to make it the focus of our life as a church
  • we value unbelievers and seek to win them to Christ.
  • we value church activities that are welcoming and therefore understandable to unbelievers

Grow: Growing to become more like Christ

  • we value small groups as a means of better knowing, loving and also serving both God and one another as we learn the Bible together
  • we value the Bible which we believe speaks with all the authority of God himself
  • we value prayer as we recognise God’s authority over all things, thus we seek to pray according to his will
  • we value clear, concise Bible teaching that impacts on our lives. This therefore leads to ever increasing obedience, in addition to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ

Serve: Serving each other as Christ served us

  • we value practical demonstrations of love toward one another in particular
  • we value commitment, honesty and integrity in life and relationships
  • we value leaders who serve the church by leading and therefore lead the church by serving
  • we value consistent church attendance as a vital means of encouraging each other
  • we value giving financially to extend the ministry of our church Statement of Faith — Westminster Confession of Faith As a denomination we have a statement of faith known as ‘The Westminster Con- fession of Faith’, which we read in the light of the Declaratory Statement of 1901, which is readily available. All our elders and ministers have signed our statement of faith as a reflection of what they believe the Word of God teaches.

These are our core values, which we consistently strive to uphold within our church.


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