3 Freechurch St Maitland

Time: 9:30am Sun

Phone: (888) 555-5555

Here’s how a service at Maitland Presbyterian Church will usually run. Some of these things might be strange if you’ve never been to church before, but we think each of these things are important parts of following Jesus together. We start at 9.30am:

A few songs. 

We love singing about Jesus and what he has done for us at the cross. We think music is really helpful for communicating, and learning, and really enjoyable.

Some prayers. 

When we get together on a Sunday we’re getting together because we follow Jesus. This means we have a relationship with the God who made the universe – so we talk to him. Usually we say something about how great he is based on what we’re thinking about that Sunday. We say thanks for the good things he has given us (especially Jesus). We say sorry because we do wrong things, and we ask him for things – we pray about the things that are wrong with the world, and that more people would meet Jesus. If you come along and you don’t know Jesus already – you are, quite literally, an answer to our prayers.

A Kids Talk.  

Because Jesus is for everybody we want to speak about Him in a way kids will understand. Kids Talks happen each week at Maitland. They happen just before the kids head out to Kids Church.

A video at various times.

We live in a multimedia world. So, we use multimedia to communicate themes and ideas, and also to challenge us to think outside our own little world. 

A reading from the Bible.

We believe the Bible is all about Jesus. It tells us who Jesus is, who we are, and how we should live if we want to follow Jesus as our king. We want all services to be based on the Bible. We also want to make what the Bible says clear and engaging.

A 25 minute Bible talk.

This talk is often called a “sermon” but we call it a talk as we think the Bible speaks into our lives – it’s a chance for us to hear from somebody about how the bit of the Bible we’ve read is about Jesus, how Jesus answers big questions for how we live now, and we hope it will raise questions for each person hearing it. We aim to go for about 25 minutes but sometimes they’ll be a bit longer.

A Closing Song

We hope this final bit of singing will help us reflect on what has been said, and how we’ve been challenged.

We really want what goes on at church to be clear, interesting, and easy to understand – so feel free to ask questions if we’re not clear enough, or there’s something we haven’t explained in a way that clicks for you. We want our Sunday Services to be something you can come to, hear about Jesus, and something you’d be comfortable inviting your friends to come along to – we want the good news of Jesus to be presented in a clear and relevant way every week. If you live in or are visiting Maitland area, why not come along this Sunday?

We would love to see you at our next Sunday service! If you would like to know more about the values of our teaching and what we believe, click here.

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3 Freechurch St Maitland @ 9:30am Sun