183-185 New England Highway Rutherford

Time: 8:45am Sun

Phone: (888) 555-9740

The Rutherford church has been a long serving christian fellowship in the local area.  You will always receive a warm welcome.  Join in the work of serving the people in the community and honouring the Lord Jesus with our lives. 

We do a shortened version of what happens at Maitland but we use more traditional songs for this older group of people – we don’t have a kids talk at Rutherford. But we still have some videos, bible readings, and a 25 minute bible talk followed by morning tea together. Rutherford is suited to an older age group who would normally struggle with the more contemporary style of service we provide at Maitland & Cessnock, but the people are warm and friendly and love making new friends.

3 Freechurch St Maitland @ 10:15am Sun

183-185 New England Highway Rutherford @ 8:45am Sun